Long Tall Sally

Having shopped at Long Tall Sally for many years, I approached the company in the spring of 2013 following the success of their partnership with the Olympic rowing team in 2012. Meeting the team, I could see that there was a great family atmosphere at the headquarters and that they really cared about each of their customers and about the unique clothing requirements of taller women. Whilst telling them about my sporting journey, I felt that they shared my enthusiasm and desire to excel, creating a brilliant vibe in the room.

I was amazed and delighted when LTS agreed to make me their UK Brand Ambassador, thus founding “Team LTS” in the run-up to the Olympic Games in Rio, 2016. I am exceptionally lucky to be able to model their gorgeous range at events and public appearances, ensuring that I’m well dressed in clothes that actually fit my long frame! It’s great being able to share my journey with LTS customers via my blog on their website and the occasional feature on their facebook page.

I am learning to enjoy my status as a positive role model for taller girls, proving that height can be a very useful attribute and is nothing to be ashamed of! Long Tall Sally are helping to give tall women a huge vote of confidence by providing stylish, comfortable and elegant clothing in lengths that flatter the taller frame instead of being too short and badly fitted, as most high-street items are. Together I hope that we can stop tall women from shying away from their height and the attention it naturally commands, instead embracing their figures and proving that tall can be beautiful too!

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