World Champs Day Two

Today it was time for the women's high jump qualifying round, among other things like the women's 400mH, men's triple jump and men's 200m final!

In the morning I went over to Lee Valley to train and was really blown away by the scale and quality of the facility compared with what I'd seen (and we'd discussed) at Victoria Park AC last night with Radio 5 Live. There were plenty of athletes there though, including British World Champs competitors Andrew Pozzi and David Omoregie, some gymnasts and a basketballer! I also bumped into the wonderful, unforgettable Vanessa Daobry who (as well as being a World class thrower) is now a fellow member of the UKA Athletes' Commission. It's always nice to see a familiar friendly face when I'm away from home :)

After training I went over to visit adidas hospitality which involved a very lovely walk through The Park where the atmosphere was completely transformed by the warm and sunny weather! People were sunbathing on deckchairs, chatting and taking pictures whilst meandering into the stadium. Let's hope this kinder weather sticks around!

High jump qualifying rounds are always a bit chaotic as they usually involve two pools with the beds side by side and the two competitions being held simultaneously (and preferably in synch with each other). By comparison to others I've seen, this one seemed to be managed very well and the bars went up at the same time, meaning that it was very clear when enough athletes had gone out for there to be a distinguishable top 12 to progress to the final. The maximum height turned out to be 1.92m as fewer than 12 athletes cleared this. The automatic qualifying height was 1.94m but there was no need for the athletes to spend extra attempting this. Happily both Morgan Lake and KJT progressed to the final - KJT looking particularly determined and I'm not surprised to see that if I'm honest! I only wonder how high she can go in the final!

The rest of the night saw the men's javelin heats and an explosive men's TJ final. My Mum made a priceless comment "Oh isn't this lovely with just field events happening and no races to distract us!". When the races did come back though, she was cheering almost as loudly as my Dad, who had his binoculars pressed so tightly to his eyes I thought he might hurt himself! He really is a superfan: I have never heard anyone cheer as loudly or wholeheartedly as my dear, giant, Dad. His unbounded passion and enthusiasm is an inspiration to me, even if I used to find him dead embarassing!!

On the track there were semis of the 1,500m 800m, and 200m women and very exciting 400mH final. (I may not have got that exactly right!) The men's 200m final was great and we were treated to some fireworks at the end which I was chuffed to actually capture in a photo!

Feeling a bit low after watching the women's HJ, I was cheered up massively by two girls asking for a picture with me. It's really lovely to still be recognised as a high jumper especially when sometimes I don't feel much like one with all my injury woes. Thanks girls!

After a very short walk back to my room near Westfield I'm left with a lot to think and my mind is swimming with a jumble of thoughts and feelings. The one thing I know for sure is that I'm going back to the stadium first thing tomorrow morning to support Ashley Bryant in the decathlon and avidly watch the men's high jump qualifying - woe betide anyone who tries to talk to me whilst I'm watching Robbie!